The Xacobeo 2021 is a great event that was exceptionally extended for the first time in history until 2022 due to the effects of the pandemic of COVID-19. Thus the Holy Door will be open from 31 December 2020 and will be closed on 31 December 2022. The Holy See intends to avoid crowds and allow the pilgrims and give more time to pilgrims to complete their pilgrimage, furthermore, this will allow to mitigate the economic consequences and alleviate the tourism sector partially.

The big news was revealed during the opening ceremony of the Compostelian Holy Year 2021, the jubilee never lasted 2 years even though it’s not the first time it undergoes some changes, during the Spanish civil war it was postponed. This unique event in history has caused surprise and has been well received in the pilgrim community.
These two years in which the Xacobeo will be celebrated expectations are very high for those territories where the Camino de Santiago passes by since the longest cycle of Holy Years has ended, 11 years since the last one, and despite the Jacobean Year usually tends to attract a greater number of tourists it won’t be the case this year 2021 due to the pandemic. This explains why this extension of the Holy Year has had such a huge impact and it is expected to appeal to pilgrims and try to get back to normal little by little.

This has generated a great impact on the pilgrim community that wishes to fulfil the Camino de Santiago and visit the grave of Apostle Santiago during the Holy Year. Besides the experience of completing the Way of Saint James during the Xacobeo 2022, many cultural events will take place in the towns of the Camino de Santiago adding an extra appeal to the adventure. The Jacobean Year 2022 will be an occurrence of exceptional public interest, with social, cultural and touristic dynamism that will allow those who walk the Camino de Santiago during these dates to live an even more unforgettable experience. In addition, it is noteworthy that the Camino de Santiago will probably be one of the safest destinations since it is an outdoor activity and social distancing is easier. 
Another major attraction of this Holy Year 2022 is a renovated Cathedral of Santiago, after almost 10 years of works some parts have been repaired such as the roof, the façades of the towers, the main naves, the crypt, sculptures, the stained-glass windows, the vaults of the main chapel, where are kept the remains of the Apostle Santiago and the crossing of the naves where is hung the Botafumeiro. To all these works must be added the conservation work of many pieces that were imperceptible due to dirt and dampness, a process that allowed to discover artistic details of high value.
If you wish to take on the Camino de Santiago during the Xacobeo 2021 – 2022 at Galician Roots we give you countless options and we adapt to your need and preferences, we are a local agency of the Camino de Santiago, we know the path and places first hand this is why we offer proximity and unforgettable experiences.


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