This is probably another of the common questions that you think about when you plan to walk the Camino de Santiago, one of the major points before you even start planning the trip is to value its cost. The Camino de Santiago is a pretty convenient travelling alternative even though there are also exclusive services for those who wish to do it with all kinds of amenities. Hence this question has many answers and options but here are some clues to make an assessment considering key aspects to take into account.
At Galician Roots we offer tours of the Camino de Santiago that vary in price according to the services and amenities chosen, one of our specialities is to create personalised trips based on customer preferences so we can adapt to your budget and preferences. At the following link you can check some of our tours and have an idea of the options that exist:
Below you can find a list of the different aspects that you must consider evaluating properly the cost of your trip to the Camino de Santiago.
- Transport to and from your country of origin to the starting point of your route.
Depending on your destination you need to determine which means of transport is best for you: plane, car, train… Keep in mind that depending on the one you choose and the starting point of the route of the Camino de Santiago that you have chosen you will probably need to add a transfer. If you arrive at Santiago de Compostela by plane and you start your Camino de Santiago from Sarria you will need to get there by bus, taxi or private transfer, so this is one of the expenses that you need to foresee. Based on the starting point of the route you will have more or less expensive options.
You can find useful information about the different means of transportation that connect the main Galician cities to the Spanish and European cities at the following link.
- Days needed to complete the Camino de Santiago
It is not the same to start the French Way from Saint Jean Pied de Port than from Sarria. In the first case you will need more than a month to complete this path until Santiago de Compostela and in the second case less than a week, this implies a consequent increase in the number of nights that you will need to book. The number of nights and the next point of our checklist will directly affect your budget.
Have a look at our tours of the Camino de Santiago at the following link where you can check the different paths, starting points and prices to get a better idea.
 - The type of accommodation
This is probably the second most important point of this list together with the transport since it will vary your budget considerably depending on the type of accommodation that you wish to book. The accommodation offer is very diverse (especially on the French Way); hostels, guesthouses, hotels, country houses, “pazos” (manor houses) and paradores. As we explained previously the price range is really broad, from 10€ that costs a night at a hostel to approximately 220€ for a night at the Parador de Santiago. As noted at the beginning of this article this is a trip for all budgets that can be adapted to preferences, so either if you want to be a traditional pilgrim and stay at hostels or if you prefer to sleep in luxurious or charming hotels all the options are available. At Galician Roots we customise your trip with all the extra services that you wish.
  - The meals
 Just like the accommodations, there is a wide offer, both in the number of establishments and in their quality. It all depends on how much you wish to spend, some pilgrims prefer to buy a sandwich or bring a picnic with them so they can stop wherever they want and enjoy the views, others prefer a warm dish at a restaurant. If there is something we can boast about in Galicia it is our cuisine and the quality of our products so we already know that this will probably be one of the favourite parts of your trip.
 - Luggage transfer
This is one of the most requested services by pilgrims, whether for comfort or for some kind of ailment that prevents them from carrying weight or simply for an issue of space. It works in a really simple way; the pilgrim leaves its luggage prepared at the reception of the accommodation in the morning and our luggage transfer service will take care of moving it to the next accommodation where the stage ends. If you book with Galician Roots this service is already included by default in all our tours but if you book on your own many companies offer this service.
- Equipment required for the trip
Although the Camino de Santiago is not a very technical trip you need some kind of equipment for your convenience. A great pair of trekking boots or comfortable walking shoes, a backpack in case you do not use the luggage transfer and some other garments such as a raincoat or a fleece. Here you also have a wide variety of possibilities and there is no need to spend lots of money to start this adventure or maybe you already have all this and you won’t need to invest money in this part.
- Leisure and extra expenses
This is presumably one of the most difficult parts to estimate as it depends on what you wish to do along the route or at the end of it. If you decide for example to stop and drink something at the end of the stages, if you plan on doing an excursion or visit a museum or if you also want to buy some presents. This is difficult to quantify so we always advise having a fixed amount to spend from.
Taking into account the points mentioned above you can make a true assessment of your travel of the Camino de Santiago. Keep in mind that at Galician Roots we can offer tours of the Camino de Santiago adapted to your budget and preferences. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of services that can make your trip to the Camino de Santiago more comfortable; the transfer from the airport, train station or any other point of Galicia to the starting point of your itinerary, the insurance, the picnic to bring along your walk, the massage service, trips along Galicia upon your arrival at Santiago once you complete your Camino and more…
So if you want to be unconcerned and enjoy a hassle-free Camino de Santiago do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you organise all your trip to the Camino de Santiago.


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