It’s not the same carrying a heavy backpack until the end of each stage and managing a booking at a hostel full of people than finding your luggage in your room at a country house with a freshly made bed with the smell of clean sheets. It’s not the same queuing for a cold shower than taking a relaxing bath after having completed the day. Likewise, it’s not the same having a sandwich at dinner that sitting at a restaurant and being served dishes with careful preparation.
If the idea of doing the Camino de Santiago sounds appealing to you but you don’t want to deal with the less attractive aspects of the route, then you meet the requirements of a VIP pilgrim; a pilgrim that travels with a suitcase instead of a backpack, a pilgrim that stays at hotels and country houses at the end of each stage that demands additional services such as a great gastronomic offer. The number of pilgrims that choose this option is increasing and they embark on this adventure without sacrificing comfort and luxury, designing the stages with flexibility, adapting to its needs and preferences. In order to make this preference a reality, the most advisable is to resort to a specialised travel agency, such as Galician Roots, that can design a customised Camino de Santiago for you and that can manage all the process from the first day to the last: the planning of the stages, transfers, bookings, meals… having everything organised and placing yourself in the hands of professionals that are experts of the route will give you peace of mind and will guarantee that you enjoy fully the experience without any worries.
 Choosing the Camino de Santiago VIP will not diminish an iota the merit to your adventure: the will always be the protagonist of your trip and your goal the same as the rest of pilgrims, however the approach and overall the timing will be quite different. Your Camino has to be enjoyed in its full extent, without any hurries or ifs, where quality outweighs quantity. With these objectives as a guide, the most advisable option for you is to complete the exclusive Camino de Santiago from Sarria, in other words, the last 100 kilometres of the French Way VIP, which concentrates a great variety of services and that will allow you to apply for the Compostela certificate upon your arrival at the Apostle Santiago grave.
 Having said that, you only have to walk. If you follow us until the end of this article, at Galician Roots we will help you to discover the advantages and benefits of doing the Camino de Santiago from Sarria in its luxury version. One of the advantages is in the development of the itinerary itself. As you have chosen to do the Camino de Santiago organised and you have placed yourself in the hands of professionals of a specialised travel agency, they will take care to transfer you each day until the staring point. Usually, there is a support vehicle with a first-aid kit in case of need and also a picnic service with cold drinks and snacks. If you wish you can also be accompanied by a local touristic guide specialised in the area, which will open the doors to knowledge about the historic heritage that you will find along the route and also about the nature and customs of Galician people through its explanations.
The idea of someone planning the Camino for you without having to worry about nothing sounds good. That’s a real luxury! Especially because you know you won’t have to wake up early, without any haste, you won’t have to look at your clock in order to arrive early at the next hostel so as to book your bed; also because you know that eating won’t be a simple need, but a pleasure, and you won’t need to bother to search for a great restaurant since you will already have a table booked for you at the best place around; furthermore you know that the luggage transfer is included and that your suitcase will be waiting for you in the room at the next accommodation.
Precisely the accommodation is another aspect that makes the difference when you decide to complete the last 100 kilometres of the Camino de Santiago in its VIP option, which implies changing the noisy hostels for the peace of the rural accommodation of the French Way, located in small and peaceful towns or even shrouded in the silence and solitude of nature. Rural tourism in Galicia has made a slow but continuous progress in the last decades, this is why at present day the country houses offer on the Camino de Santiago is very wide so you won’t have any problems in choosing what best suits you: booking a room or the whole house, with a restaurant inside or not, with extra services or not… What is sure in any case is that you will enjoy a comfortable sleep with a bed with fresh sheets and a hot shower with the possibility of a great bath without the long queues.
This is the minimum guaranteed. From here you can only improve and include as part of your rest the service of a physiotherapist and messages that are offered at many of the country houses, a yoga session or Pilates session, 30 minutes of relaxing in a Jacuzzi or spending time at a sauna, without forgetting the swimming pool. As timing is not a constraint for you and you even don’t have to walk each day, you could extend your holidays and take advantage of the guided trips offered in order to discover Galicia. And if you are not yet convinced we will tell you about the “pazos” or manor houses, which are the best accommodations along the Camino de Santiago for us. A pazo is, in essence, a five-star country house; impressive houses, home to noble families in the past and that reflect the popular Galician architecture which at present day, converted in tourist resorts, you will find the most exclusive services.
If we speak about the Camino de Santiago VIP, we cannot fail to mention our cuisine, the flagship of Galicia, land renowned for its good food and wine. We can boast about being a place where a good, abundant and flavourful dish can be found at every corner, but our last recommendation for you, as a gourmet pilgrim, is that you also make of the food an unforgettable experience. Seafood, fishes, Galician meat and typical desserts wait for you at the table of famous restaurants that have succeeded in combining traditional products and new cuisine. We won’t give any names, but we challenge you to find them since there is no better way to conclude your luxurious Camino de Santiago: with a good taste in your mouth.
So don’t wait any longer and discover our tour of the last 100 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago VIP:


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