How many times have we made plans that never get to life? Vacations, trips with friends, visits to cities and also our dreamed vacation that sits in a dusty drawer again and again due to the lack of free time. Frustrating, isn’t it? Well Galician Roots won’t let this happen too with the Camino de Santiago. That’s why this week’s post is specially dedicated to all of you that only have few days to enjoy the charm of this millenary route.

We propose you to complete the last 100 kilometres of the French Way, seven days will be enough to do so. This means a short week of holidays. The starting point will be the town of Sarria, located 117 kilometres away from Santiago, this will ensure obtaining the Compostela certificate, the document proving you’ve fulfilled successfully the pilgrimage and that is only delivered to those doing at least 100 kilometres.

Galician Roots can directly take you to Sarria from any Galician airport so you’ll avoid the bothering bus combinations and the waiting time that lengthens the day and tires you even before the beginning of the route.

Once arrived in Sarria five stages will wait for you to be completed in the same number of days:

Sarria – Portomarín (24 km)
Portomarín – Palas de Rei (25 km)
Palas de Rei – Arzúa (29 km)
Arzúa – Pedrouzo (19 km)
Pedrouzo – Santiago (20 km)

With the Compostela already in your hands and great experiences in your backpack you’ll still have one day left to rest, enjoy the charms of Santiago and time enough to organize your return home.

The French Path has a great advantage if you don’t have enough time to plan your trip, being the busiest path means it also has the largest amount of services and facilities to find shops, hotels, country houses and restaurants. Galician Roots has visited every single accommodation to provide you the best options to complete the 100 kilometres of this route with guarantees, also we advise against improvisation as there’s high demand during high season.

There are plenty of options, from the essential to the maximum comfort, and not only suitable for those having a short time, but also for those wishing to do the longest version of the itinerary, we also adapt the route to your preferences. Whatever the case may be, we encourage you to walk the Camino. We are sure that the last 100 kilometres will be a good appetiser that will make you come back again.




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