Next year we are facing the Xacobeo 2021 with passion and enthusiasm, more than 11 years have passed since the last Holy Year and everything is prepared in Galicia so you can get the most of this major celebration. The next celebrations are taking place in 2027, 2032 and 2038. The Holy Year or Xacobeo happen each year that the 25 of July, Saint Apostle’s day, occurs on Sunday. A very special year where besides indulgence is granted pilgrims will also have the opportunity to enter the Cathedral through the Holy Door that is only opened this year.
It’s an excellent opportunity to fulfil the Camino de Santiago and live this incredible experience with everything it has to offer during this year, Galicia will have plenty cultural activities along with the towns where the stages pass by. You can soak up all our culture with musical and theatrical performances, exhibitions, street performances, gastronomic festivals and endless activities that revolve around the Xacobeo 2021.
As we already mentioned the Holy Door (Puerta Santa) will be opened during the whole Xacobeo 2021, according to the tradition pilgrims enter to the Cathedral of Santiago from this entrance located in Plaza de la Quintana, this only happens during the Holy Year so don’t miss this opportunity. You will also have the chance to visit the grave of the Apostle Santiago and you will be able to see the famous incense burner, the Botafumeiro, one of the main attractions of the Cathedral.
 Due to the large number of visitants we recommend you to make your reservation beforehand so that you don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the Camino de Santiago during the Xacobeo 2021. It’s an important year where the influx of pilgrims increases thus it’s more complicated to find accommodations so wait no longer and get in touch with us. July month is highly demanded since many pilgrims wish to reach Santiago on 25 July when the festivity of Apostle Santiago takes place.
At Galician Roots we offer all the services and amenities so you can enjoy the experience of the Camino de Santiago to the fullest, get to know all our routes of the Way of Saint James; the French Way, the Portuguese Way, the Northern Way, the Primitive Way, the English Way, the Camino to Fisterra and Muxía and the other paths by bike:
We’ll organise your Camino de Santiago booking the accommodations base on your preferences, we offer different types of accommodations so we can meet your choices and preferences. Besides we’ll also advise you and help you plan all the route of the Camino de Santiago with all the services that you might require, such as the transfer from Santiago airport to the starting point of your pilgrimage, a picnic service, massages and much more. 
And once you’ve completed the Camino we also have different trips available to discover Galicia; because Galicia has a huge and unique scenic and cultural richness, you can discover the Cíes Islands, the Costa da Morte, the Catedrales beach and more… have a look at all our trips at the following link:
So don’t wait any longer and book your tour of the Camino de Santiago for this Xacobeo 2021 with Galician Roots or contact us and we’ll help you plan your trip.


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