Galician seafood workshop

In this workshop you’ll know everything about the different types of seafood and different ways to prepare it and also how to taste it in the most accurate and healthier way.

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Galician cooking workshop

Delve into Galician tradition and culture throughout its gastronomy, in this workshop we’ll teach you everything about our high quality food products and its elaboration.

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Galician bread workshop

Learn how to bake Galician bread in the traditional way, you’ll visit an antique mill where wheat was ground and cook in a stone oven using the old practice.

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Gastronomy in Galicia

One of our greatest treasures

You can’t travel to Galicia without being seduced by its cuisine. Galicia and gastronomy are two words that can’t be dissociated; our rich and varied culinary tradition lasts over time and is one of the main attractions of our land. Gastronomy is omnipresent in Galician’s lives and as some say we are eating and thinking about eating. And we don’t mind sharing our finest delicacies and our recipes with whoever decides to take interest in it.

Galicia is one of the most prolific regions in what gastronomic festivals is concerned which is not surprising because of the great variety and quality of its products. Seafood, bread, meat... hundreds of products that take part in the daily life of Galician people and traditions and customs that pass on from generation to generation.

At present day bread is still baked in a traditional way in many villages of the interior of Galicia and many families continue to prepare the typical sweets and desserts of carnival (“entroido”) such as the “filloas” and “orellas”. The family gatherings around the table are common and there’s no need for excuses or specific celebration to happen.

At Galician Roots, we are good food lovers and we are passionate about cooking this is why we want you to discover our best-kept secrets so that you can learn a bit more about our cuisine. Don’t miss our cooking workshops where you can taste and make some of our best recipes.


We pick you up and drive you where you wish

In order to give you the maximum comfort when planning your journey, at Galician Roots we also provide a transfer service from any airport in Galicia or any other arrival point and we drive you to the starting point of your trip.
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