That’s fine maybe Galicia hasn’t enough sunshine (at least not as much as we’d like), but there are festivities, plenty of them; thousands of celebrations highly popular across the region during the year, especially in the summer. We may not know about other things but about good food, good music and good celebrations we know quite a bit in Galicia. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of your pilgrimage to know and enjoy another facet of Galician people far from the homesick cliché. There’s a lot more than walking…

Believe us, the cultural and festive offer is so extended there would be no point for us in wanting to summarize or make a selection of it. Therefore, we can only recommend you to make sure you have your mobile or tablet with you to have a look at some websites that have managed to bring order to so many events. An example is feiras.galiciadigital.com showing the events of the day and others classified by category: flea markets, craft fairs, medieval fairs, saint festivities, gastronomic feasts, romerias… Also very complete is the website of www.paxinasgalegas.es, a website with an interesting search engine that allows you to find festivities and events depending on the town, product or date. In order to stay up to date the Facebook profile of Fiestas de Galicia is very useful too, they usually post the events taking place within the next days.

Regardless of this, institutions also promote leisure on the Camino de Santiago with initiatives specifically designed for the Jacobean route and the different towns it passes through. It’s the case of the programme Música no Camiño, which offers a huge number of free music performances to the municipalities of the French Path between 1st June and 30th September. Entertainment is guaranteed every afternoon on the streets and squares with the dance groups, gaitas groups (Galician bagpipe groups), polyphonic choirs, bands and brass bands. Although, if what you want is to learn much closer the Galician culture Galician Roots offers you the possibility to discover our traditional Galician music while you enjoy a pleasant dinner. Within an intimate atmosphere local groups will play for you traditional pieces of the area, explain its origins and liven up an amazing evening that can only finish up with a great queimada (alcoholic beverage of Galician tradition) and the reading of the famous conxuro (a poem that provides protection against dark arts).

Together with Música no Camiño there is also another programming of a similar project; Cultura no Camiño, has carried out a total of 323 performances between April and September of this year played by 134 artistic groups in 81 locations. Concerts of different music styles, theatre, dance, magic and circus shows put together an intense cultural schedule that will make even more attractive your pilgrimage to Santiago.

As you can see, the leisure possibilities along the Camino are quite broad, but there’s something else you should not forget: gastronomy, it’s a very important part of the culture, this is even truer if we talk about Galician culture, as we really enjoy eating much and well. As gastronomy not only consists of trying and eating Galician Roots wants to invite you to see first hand the preparation of our most successful traditional dishes; such as the pulpo á feira (Galician style octopus), seafood, empanada (Galician pie), bread, desserts… Learn how to make those dishes while we explain everything about the process through our three-hour practical workshops. You’ll be receiving a recipe book and as it could not be otherwise you’ll be the main actors in the tasting session! Check out our website and see how fast you start mouth-watering… No exaggeration!


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